Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring In2 Action Challenge - Week in Review

The Spring In2 Action challenge is on it's way! Meet Team Unstoppable!!! You can check out my buddy for the challenge Kristy here. We are both ready to get 'er done.

The first week is already over and I've barely had time to figure out what I should be doing for the challenge. You blame it on the two programs I was planning, one last Saturday and one tomorrow.  My eating was not on point this past week because that tends to happen when I get really busy. Cooking is one of the first things to go when time is limited. I didn't eat as much fast food but I did eat out a few times and Saturday was muffin, pizza and wings day. My water intake has also been slowing slipping from my 8-9 glasses/ day. I really need to figure out new strategies to combat these issues since me being busy won't go away any time soon. On the other hand, I got in all of my workouts except Friday and Saturday when my body and feet would not comply because I was on them most of the day running around.

I am participating in the 100 Push ups Challenge however I am starting the workouts this week. I did push ups in my regular workouts and was able to do a full set of 8 this week (my starting number was 6). My goal for this challenge is to lose 6 lbs over the six weeks (1lb/week).

Starting weight: 199
Last week: 199
Today: 199.2
Total: +.2

Until next time...


  1. It stinks how easy it is to let 'busy' run over our goals.

    We can do this, though, despite the busies!

  2. I know! Thanks for the words of encouragement :-)


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