Here are some websites that I found helpful along my journey. I will continue to add to/update the list when I come across new ones.

Weight Loss
A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss -recipes, advice and more
Spark People - support and advice
The Daily Plate - Track your calories
Lose It - Track your calories (has an Ipod/Iphone app. as well)

YogaJournal on YouTube

Mile Markers- Runner's World
BeautifulBrwnBabyDol - weight loss and natural hair inspiration
Couch to 5k Program - excellent beginner's running program
Couch to 5K Podcast- Running into Shape - and music with the C25K intervals timed in



Finances - Track your finances - grocery coupons
Red Plum - grocery coupons
Smart Source- more grocery coupons
The Simple Dollar


How Tos (Please take any advice offered in these articles with a grain of salt and of course always use common sense)
Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus
How to lose weight by counting calories ( a little unconventional but could be useful)
How to get your credit card rates reduced

79 year old Athlete
Talk Nice
A Letter to Running

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