About Me

I am a late twenties medical student (on my way out the door by God's grace) on a mission to living my best life. I started blogging with a focus on weight loss because that was the area that I felt most compelled to change at that time. However, I currently write about balancing the demands of life and everything that it entails. I love figuring out easier and more efficient ways to get things done so my life can run as smoothly as possible given my often busy schedule and never ending balancing act. I also love giving unsolicited advice :-) so this is a space where I share the things that I have tried and what works and what doesn't. I write about my ever expanding interests which currently includes beauty, travel, organizing, personal finance, and of course health and fitness. The title of the blog reflects my approach to life in general- always striving to become better each day and solving each problem day by day.

Join me on my journey to figure it all out one day at a time.

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