Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey Friends,

Hope your week is going well. Things are chugging along over here. Exercise went well last week; I did 5/7 days. I planned to do six but I ended up doing a strength/cardio interval workout one day so I did not feel too bad about the extra day off. I am doing three days of cardio, three days of strength training and an active rest day (Yoga). As I mentioned before, I am using Chalean Extreme for the strength training and the cardio is mostly TurboFire but I have allowed myself some flexibility there. I am on Week three of the Burn Circuit in Chalean Extreme. I also wrote down to the best of my memory what I ate every day for the week so I'm happy to be getting back on track with being accountable in those areas.

Weekly dose of randomness:

-I am seriously considering purchasing a Bikram Yoga package especially since they gave me a discount on my first one. The weather has cooled off so now is a good time to get back into it.

-I really should own shares in Kashi considering how many of their products I bought lately.

-It's time I set some non-scale goals (NSGs). First will be to do the crow pose. Second, a flat stomach (can't remember it really being flat… ever. I blame my sugar situation.)

-I think I am gonna re-read A Course in Weight Loss. Still don't plan on doing the rituals/altar and all that but I do respect the fact that weight loss and staying fit is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

-I am currently rotating through Adolescent Psychiatry and it is fun but emotionally exhausting. Exercise has been a good coping mechanism. Yeah for endorphins!

-I tried Kale chips last week and I liked them (recipe to come). Will try it in a smoothie and salad soon.

-I discovered that I can bench press 75 lbs yesterday :-)

Something to talk about:

Have you all seen the personal trainer who went from Fit to Fat and will be going back to fit? He gained 75+ lbs in 6 months.  Any thoughts? I will be tuned in for the journey back to fit.

Also, November is here! Any goals for the month or strategies to survive the holidays? Almost time to revisit those resolutions from last year. 

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