Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Six Months In!

Time does fly when you're having fun. Last week marked six months into my fitness journey; let's see how much progress has been made. First and foremost I lost a total of about 20.5 pounds! The majority of that amount was lost in the first thirty days and for the last thirty (most of the summer) I pretty much stayed consistent and then surprisingly lost a few more pounds in the last 1-2 weeks. I was happy to see the scale moving again after the post-vacation bloating!

Over the past six months, I learned a lot about how to eat properly and was mostly able to focus my workout ADHD and create somewhat balanced workout plans. I also developed new interests as it related to eating and exercising like clean eating and Bikram Yoga (haven't done it yet but its in the works). I spent time in injury recovery from running and discovered the benefits of cross-training; I did pool running, biking, Yoga, Pilates and also spent some time falling in love with the elliptical again. After recovering, I went back to run/walking and found some beautiful trails in Oakbrook, IL (photos in the last post). I learned how to take my new-found healthy lifestyle on the road (I spent the better part of the summer elsewhere other than my home) and trick and strategies to do so. I have mostly retrained my taste buds so now processed and restaurant foods taste "too sweet" or "too salty". "Too salty" is a frequent complaint these days. My blood pressure has improved drastically, I don't recall the exact numbers but it was low enough to catch my attention. All of these changes have been wonderful however the most important one is that I feel STRONGER. I was grateful for the hours I spent in Body Pump this summer when I had to carry five dozen bagels, two dozen pastries and my book bag from my car into a lecture hall a few weeks ago. 

I have an fall/winter workout schedule planned and possibly a 5k coming up....Finally! More on that in later posts. I am resuming my Couch-to-5k training this week in preparation for that and adding in two strength training classes and one Yoga or Pilates class per week. Well, that's all for now folks.

Success: Congratulations (and a huge THANK YOU) to my workout partner on achieving his weight loss goal; he lost 30 lbs over fourteen months! I appreciate having a workout partner even though it is long distance because we keep each other accountable and there is someone to listen to my crazy workout ideas and recipes.

Share: Do you utilize a workout partner to keep you accountable?
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