Friday, March 4, 2011

My Blog's 1st Birthday!

My blog turned 1 today! I remember last year this time when I on my way with my weight loss journey and was considering starting a blog. There we so many things to consider and I was quite worried that I would not have the time to put into it. That has not changed :-) but I think I did pretty okay. Since then we got a face lift and became a little stylish (signature and all), I learned a ton about creating images and html codes and all that jazz, and I've made some new online friends :-). Most of all this blog has kept me accountable in my weight loss journey and has played a huge role in helping me to lose the 35+ lbs that I have said goodbye to forever.

I love being a part of the blogging world (and having my own little corner of the net) and I really hope to be able to keep up in year 2 as well. Thank you to all of my readers for following and for your support during this journey. I REALLY appreciate it!!! Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Check out my very first post.

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