Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Virtual 5K

I ran the Sisterhood's Annual Virtual 5k today and even though it wasn't a race, I am very happy with how I did. My two goals were to do the 5k in about 45 minutes and to run the entire way. The last time I timed a 5k I did it in 51:36. The Sisterhood used C25k to train for this 5k. Ya'll know I love C25k but I didn't follow the training schedule because of time conflicts with my current routine and I also wanted to give my shins a chance to heal properly. I did two thirty minute runs in December so my body wouldn't be in total shock. Here's my recap of today's run:

Mile1: speed 4.2, feeling good

Mile 2: starting to get tired, slowed down to 4.0

Mile 3: Woohoo, I can do it! Back to 4.2 mph and counting the tenths of a mile...

Mile 3.1: Yessss! Finally!

Six whole minutes faster than last time! I can't believe I ran the whole way (minus walking about 45 secs when I first got on the treadmill). I was dead tired when I finished and had a ridiculous runner's high. I was aiming for sub 45 minutes but I'll take 45:38! Next up: refuel and get in some core work and stretching.

Eggs, Spinach and Salsa with a whole wheat English Muffin and Cashew Butter


  1. Good job on beating your 5K time!!! Keep up the good work.

    It was fun running a 5K with you today ;)

    haha too funny! I had egg whites and veggies for breakfast before my race and greek yogurt with blueberries after my race to recover :)


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