Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Power of One Challenge- Week One Recap

Happy New Year! This week was pretty much uneventful- more of a getting back in the groove week. When I returned home on Saturday and hopped on my scale at home, I was 3.8 or so pounds higher than my Wednesday weigh in number from last week. I immediately began to fight the bloating from holiday eating by drinking lots and lots of water and cleaning up my diet. I got in my first TurboFire workout yesterday evening and weighed in today only .6 lbs heavier than last week. I was prepared for the higher number on the scale when I came home because I tend to weigh more on my scale at home than on others.

One lesson I did learn last Friday is that a fast food powered run = a bad run (for me). I had some chicken selects from McDonalds on part one of my trip home then went for a run an hour or so later. Oh lord! Indigestion plus the combination of little over a week of relative inactivity---> me struggling to keep going for the entire 35 minutes. It reminded me that there is a reason why athletes eat clean - seems to work out better.

I will be doing the Weekly Project for this week which is to write a letter to my "current self" from my "future self" in January 2012. In the letter I will detail my accomplishments and anything else that I would like my current self to know then tuck it away to read next January. I think this is a good way to set the tone of your upcoming year (we all know the power of positive thinking). Will be back with a post on my New Year goals in the near future :-).


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