Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 2011 Goals

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote down these goals on New Year's Eve and fine-tuned them over the following couple of days. I will revisit these goals at least every three months and share updates whenever possible.

Fitness- This is the area I was most compelled to change last year so I will be continuing with it until I reach my goals.
-lose 55 lbs
-run a 5k, 10k, and poss 1/2 marathon (Unofficially completed the 5k)
-complete TurboFire/Chalean Extreme hybrid schedule (On month 3 of 5 currently)
-drink 64+ oz water daily
-plan meals for the week and eat healthy consistently
-do more Bikram yoga (I went back for my first class of the year last week. I also bought a one month unlimited deal on Living Social.)
-exercise in the morning (I am trying to become an early riser and it has not been easy. I would love to exercise first thing in the morning and know that that priority is out of the way as I go through the rest of the day.)

Finance- This year I feel most compelled to change this area. The ultimate goal is to become debt free.
-6 month debt diet (I won't be buying hair, skin or makeup products. I think I have enough to get me through 6 months. Plus I need to use up all this extra product around here. I am also limiting purchasing clothing to only when I change sizes and there is nothing in my closet that fits.)
-use coupons for grocery shopping and bargain hunt (I found some great online resources so now I just have to plan my meals for the week before grocery shopping and only buy what I need.)
-start investing (I opened a Sharebuilder account and bought some stock so I am on my way with this one.)
-pay off my car (I sent in the payoff amount so this one is done.)
-pay off at least 1 credit card
-be more fiscally responsible (I created a budget and began tracking my finances on I love it so far.)

Fun - Because balance is important...
-One vacation in June and mini-vacation for Christmas (weekend trip?). Spring break will be a staycation with maybe a day trip.
-date and socialize more - at least 2x/month (I was really bad with this last year so I will make more of an effort to be balanced this year.)

Other areas
-Be more organized at home (clean weekly, laundry biweekly, shred weekly, dust biweekly, get rid of clutter - as a med student this stuff piles up fast! I need to go paperless with my bills like yesterday!)
-Prepare for the next day the night before (I have never been one to prepare ahead for the next day  but I think this habit would serve me well and make my mornings smoother.)
-Have a more structured schedule daily ( I think I operate based on how I feel too often so I would like to have a little more structure.)
-Grow spiritually and serve more (I made a decent amount of progress in this area last year and plan to continue this year as well.)

What are your goals for the year?


  1. These are great goals!! And I see you have a great plan to get there!!! We have the next step project over at the sisterhood, go check it out! You're almost there!! Christie O. - Shrinking Jeans

  2. Love your goals. I have to write mine out yet.
    I am now following your blog
    If you have time I invite you to come visit my blog


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