Saturday, November 6, 2010

Could chocolate be the remedy for my sweet tooth?

I am determined to get my sugar addiction under control. Cookies, cake and pies were made for me. In an effort reduce my consumption and give this weight loss process a little boost, I decided to substitute milk chocolate for dark chocolate. I have never been a dark chocolate lover before this but thanks to my mini relationship with Trader Joe this summer, I discovered that dark chocolate and I could really become friends. Well, my exploration continued since then and I have found a few other brands that I like. Dove is currently my favorite. I love the fact that one bar is 190 calories and after eating it I feel like I've had enough. I even had days where I split one bar into two to save for the next day emoticon. In addition, since switching to dark chocolate I consume waaay less of the other stuff (cookies etc.) and I don't even have chocolate everyday. Let's hope the trend continues.

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