Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week's Workout

I have recently been accused of having workout ADHD and I think I agree with the diagnosis. I love to change up my workouts ever so often. I have been on a Biggest Loser DVD kick (these workouts are awesome!) these last two weeks so last week the plan was to walk for thirty minutes 4 days of the week and alternate Biggest Loser Cardio Max with Biggest Loser Power Sculpt (Level 1 on both) on those days. I was also supposed to get in one day of BL Yoga. Well, I managed three out of the five days and by the end of the week a final exam and lack of sleep threw me off the wagon. Next week is another week....

So, the plan for next week is to start running using the Couch to 5K plan ( I may do that two days) along with BL Cardio Max one of the days and BL Powersculp (Level 1 and 2) the other day. I will also try to squeeze in two days of BL Yoga on the other two days. I am trying to get all of this done by Wednesday because toward the end of the week I will be traveling so I may not get to workout those days (even though I planned them into the trip). What are your plans for working out this week?

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