Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Season

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Fall is here again.  I love this season not only because of the beautiful colors in nature at this time of year, but because it usually represents a time for re-commitment to my health and fitness goals. This is the time to think about what I want to accomplish before the end of the year and begin working on it. The heat and craziness of summer has gone and I can finally return to my kitchen to spend some quality time. I can also workout more comfortably at home.

My overall goal for weight loss is still the same. I have about 55 lbs that I would like to lose over the next few months. That being said, I would be happy with 45 or anywhere in that ballpark that my body decides to settle.

I am kicking off this new season with a 48 hr cleanse. I have eaten sooo much crap this year. It all originated in pregnancy cravings that just kept perpetuating themselves even after the pregnancy ended. Now I am at the point that I have consumed so much sugar, fast food and junk that I feel tired and crappy all the time and I am getting frequent headaches. Many of the healthy habits that I worked hard to develop have fallen by the wayside. I feel like I need a reset; a fresh start.

Today I went grocery shopping and picked up all the items I will need for the Dr. Oz 48 hr Weekend Cleanse. I have never done an official cleanse before but I am familiar with the concept from the "washouts" I got as a child. I am excited to see the results. From there I plan to get my eating back on track since hopefully I will have curbed some of my unhealthy cravings. I am also developing a rough plan for working out for the next few weeks. I have my eyes on a 5k on October 20th so I am going to try to get some runs in between now and then along with Yoga, Pilates and strength training. There might be another round of Turbofire coming up after that!

How do you plan to bring in this new season?

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