Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Of One- Week 5 Recap

It's a snow day!
I hope everyone is staying safe and warm if you're experiencing this kind of weather. I am using the day to catch up on my To Do list and relax a little. Now for the recap...

Starting weight- 205

Last week's weight- 202.2
Today's weight- 201.6
Total- -3.4

Another loss this week! I am not complaining especially since I ate everything under the sun in the last week -including polishing off a box of Wheat Thins in two days. I barely cooked at home last week so my salt intake was through the roof!

On the exercise front, things went well. I finished up my third month of TurboFire/Chalean Extreme on Sunday and this week is a recovery week. I used that as an opportunity to get in a Zumba and an Ashtanga Yoga class at the gym on Monday and a treadmill interval workout yesterday. The gym was jam packed on Monday. There were at least sixty people in that Zumba class and barely any room to do the moves. When this explosion happened? I saw one of my classsmates there and while we were chatting he reminded me that being in the healthcare industry, we should be happy that this many people are making an effort to be healthier rather than complain about how hot, funky and full the gym had become. Point taken. It was my first Ashtanga Yoga classs and it was good but Bikram has already stolen my heart :-). Hope one day I will be able to bust out that head stand though. Well, I'm off to make some chili. Yeah for comfort food!

How was your week?


  1. why are fake health foods (like wheat thins, love them but they only sound healthy me thinks) so yummy?

  2. Good job on your weight loss!!
    I actually gained at the last weigh in (yummy birthday cake). This week is looking better. I weighed in for my other challenge/contest (if you are interested it is over at but you have to sign up by today) and have lost 3 pounds since Wednesday.
    I am now following your blog, looks great.

  3. Thanks Karen. I will be over to visit. Unfortunately I missed the contest but maybe next time.


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